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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Book Has Arrived...


Just in time for Purim...

YOU can be the first person in your shul to buy my very first
collection of Toirah: Kisvei HaRAPAS -- The Collected Writings of
Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein on the Weekly Torah Reading

This handsome looking sefer is a collection of some of the finest
modern Toirah scholarship, exegesis and satire, all in a densely
compact volume. The collection is edited to ensure deep Toirah
insight -- and sophomoric humor -- on every page, and also includes
an all new glossary by the Esteemed RABAM. The sefer enjoys the
Haskamois of some of the most prominent Jewish and world leaders.

Be the first on your block to order this amazing collection of
Toirah. It will look great on your shelf, right next to the RAMBAN's
commentary. You can also donate it to your shul, in memory of a
loved one. And it will make a fine Purim gift (although on Shushan
Purim they will probably put you in Cheirem...)

Please support the Yeshivah -- Reboinoisheloilum knows, I have many
mouths to feed, and they just raised the cost of my HBO bill.


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