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Friday, March 05, 2010

BONUS: Tzadakah Opportunity


I received the below Tzadakah opportunity via e-mail, and felt it Chshuv enough to pass along. I cannot take credit for this Gevaldikkah effort.



Hello -

My name is Rabbi Olabamu Wabatunji and I am the Morah D ' Asra of Lagos , Nigeria . Thank G-d, we are now forming a New Kollel for over 30 yungerleit and their families, to be known as Kollel Yirei Areeos. We have collected significant funding for the new building, and obtained the services of the well know architect Moishe Ben-Pil, whose study of the first prakim of Shmos has made him an expert on construction using mud bricks. Our funds currently exceed 13.5 million US dollars, which we must convert into Nigerian Nairas (NGN 1,822,500,000)

Due to your well know honesty and tzidkus, we are pleased to offer you an opportunity to take part in this great mitzvah. Since we must deposit this money in an American bank account to begin the currency conversion, we will gladly give you 10% of this money ($1,350,000) if you will let us use yours.

Simply reply to this email and send us the following information:

Your social security number

The name of your bank, and your account number

The name of your next of kin

Your yichus

Your hat size

How long you wait after eating fleishigs


Off the Derech said...

Gevaltikuh boinus

JewishRebel said...

I wait one hour between Mc Donalds and Burger King Cheeseburgers!

Anonymous said...

Today is the 19th already. We are like the Israelites at Sinai waiting for a word. When is the next posting? (Assume I'm on the West coast and the sun hasn't set yet.)

JewishRebel said...

Hey, we are missing you, Pinkaleh Yid!

Blogger said...

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