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Friday, March 20, 2015

NEW: On Modern Day Miracles


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On Modern Day Miracles


We have been witness this week to a Nais Min HaShamayim!!

Despite the global conspiracy to overthrow the elected King of Israel, the people have spoken and rallied, and we will once again enjoy the brave leadership of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for another ? number of years.

Binyamin Netanyahu. Just the name itself says it all:

- Bin-Yamin - "The son of my right (hand)"

- Netanyahu - "Given by the Reboinoisheloilum"

He is the right hand given to us by Hakadoshboruchhu! He is the gift of the Aimishteh! He is the instrument of our national masturbation.

Gosh, it's so satisfying. It feels so good! We are so able to pleasure ourselves when we are all alone. But then we are left with a deep sense of emptiness.

With miraculous aplomb, Prime Minister Netanyahu has guided us through the myriad dangers facing Klal Yisroel:

- The nasty Arab citizens of Israel exercising their right to vote. Over the years I read all of the declarations that "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East", and I believed it. But luckily Bibi stood up to protect the Jews from the Arabs citizens of Israel going to the polls!

- President Barack HUSSEIN Oibama. I understand that Oibama was funding the Zionist Union, Meretz, Yesh Atid, The United Arab Party, HaBayit Ha Yehudi, SHAS, the Kahlua Party, Yisroel Beiteinu, the Judean People's Front, the Popular Front for Judea (Splitters!!) and the Democrats against Israel. But thankfully Prime Minister Netanyahu had the strength of spirit to lead and not succumb to such external influences. He has proven a great leader for Israel. And for the Likud. And for the Republican Party. Thank you Sheldon Edelson.... Errrr... Reboinoisheloilum!

- The left. The media. The leftist media. The left wing Jews. In fact, anyone who is a self-hating Jew... errr... anyone who did not vote for Netanyahu.

Yes, it is a Modern Day Miracle - Rabbim BeYad Me'Atim.

However, how can you blame Israelis for re-electing King Bibi? They are living under the actual threat of terrorism and war, while we in America and elsewhere are armchair quarterbacks. Our "skin in the game" is emotional, not practical. Most of our children do not serve in the Israeli army. We do not pay taxes to the Israeli government.

So we are like the Chareidim. Except we do not demand money from the State.

And, frankly, who else did Israelis have the opportunity to choose from? Buji? The guy has the name of a cat. Tzippy? That word mean "bird". Israel needs a leader, not a house pet. Lieberman? A crime boss gets appointed, not elected. Kahlua? That is a drink best mixed with warm milk. Shas? Etc,

Now, there is no shortage of real existential challenges to Israel. And clearly the majority of the Israeli populace view Prime Minister Netanyahu as the man they trust most at such a dangerous time.

But a worst case scenario has Israel continuing to be absorbed within itself, and to increasingly ignore its needed inter connectivity with the outside world.

-- That means continued settlement policy, without giving thought to the inevitable long term coexistence with the Palestinians, whatever form that arrangement eventually takes.

-- That means alienating Israel's closest allies, starting with the U.S. "Fiction!" you say, "Oibama is the enemy". But those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. I remember Reagan, who accused Menachem Begin of "committing a Holocaust" in Lebanon, who layed a wreath at a Waffen SS cemetery in Bitburg, Germany - a unit of Nazi soldiers that killed more Jews in one productive day than were killed in all of Israel's wars combined, and who established diplomatic relations with the PLO. I remember Bush I, who in an unprecedented fashion explicitly referred to "East Jerusalem" when referring to the "Occupied Territories", and whose Secretary of State is rumored to have said "Fuck the Jews; they don't vote for us anyway". I remember Bush II, who pressured Israel to allow elections in Gaza, resulting in the rise of Hamas, and whose military activity in Iraq has led to the mess we are in now. So those who believe that the Republicans represent the panacea of a pressure-free Israel are in for a very rude awakening should a Republican be elected the next president.

-- That means facing increasing economic pressures, as the BDS movement goes mainstream.

Let's not forget as well that there will be continued pressures to settle Judea and Samaria, the traditional heartland of Eretz Yisroel, and continued pressures to increase the religious character of the State, so that all of Klal Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel will keep all the Mitzvois of the Toirah, including Shabbos, Koisher, and Shiliach HaKan. Boruch HaShem! These will be combined with growing global economic pressures, leading Israel to set aside its export based Tech orientation, and in its place develop a subsistence based agricultural economy.

In other words, Medinas Yisroel will be restored to the glorious lifestyle of First Temple Judea.

A Modern Day Miracle indeed.

Bimhayrah Bitameinu, Umayn!

Ah Gutten Shabbos You Minuval


Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein
Yeshivas Chipass Emmess

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