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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On the Rape of Dinah

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On the Rape of Dinah


Ashreina Mah Tov Chelkeinu. We are indeed blessed in our lot - living in a time when there is a Jewish State in Eretz Yisroel, Toirah study is at its highest levels in history, and we are about to elect either the first female president whose son in law is a Jew, a visionary business luminary whose daughter is a Jew, a socialist democrat who is himself a Jew, or a Fundamentalist Christian who would like to convert all the Jews.

So what is wrong with this world? Nothing, except the encroachment of women on our peaceful, loving, and perfect world.

In Sefer Beraishis we read about the rape of Dinah, Yankif Avinu's daughter. All of the town of Shechem is encouraged to circumcise themselves to enable the marriage between the Bochur Shechem and Dinah. Shimoin and Layvee, however, go out for a few drinks, and by the time the night is over, BAM!!!, they kill all of the inhabitants of the town, as well as shoplift a bunch of candy from the local Walgreens.

Yankif Avinu is strangely silent on this episode, although years later he criticizes Shimoin and Layvee's violence on his deathbed while lying in the hospital, during a commercial break in his favorite show, "The Real Housewives of the Hittites".

However, CHAZAL are divided on whether the brothers acted in a righteous way.

RASHI holds that in committing rape, Shechem was Chayuv Misah, and Shimoin and Layvee ended up killing everyone in the town because "all those Arabs look alike, with their hooked noses, their big fur hats, and their curly Payis".

The RASHBA holds that the brothers killed everyone in the town because they all must have heard Dinah's calls for help, so they were all enablers who were complicit in the sexual attack. The RASHBA notes that Shechem was just a nickname for the rapist - his real name was Baruch Lanner OF Shechem. And the name of the town of Shechem has the Gematria of N-C-S-Y...

The Ibn Ezra holds that only Shechem was Chayuv Misah, but that the brothers were not truly responsible for the murders of the other townspeople. In truth, Shimoin and Layvee became temporarily insane, killing the entire town when their XBOX 3000 broke down after many hours of playing Zombie Apocalypse III, so they should not be held responsible for their actions. Damned Liberal Media!!!

However, my Rebbe Muvhak, Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, SHLITA, holds Farkhert. He holds that Le'Oilum, Shimoin and Layvee were both wrong. Shechem the man and Shechem the town were completely innocent. They, themselves were the victims of the vile temptress that was Dinah.

Yes, at that point in Eretz Yisroel, before the giving of the Toirah, the Promised Land suffered from a "rape culture". Women would habitually engaged in illicit relationships, and when spurned, would cry "rape".

How else would you explain that the Toirah tells us that "VaTatzay Dinah Bass Leah Asher Yulduh LeYankif Lirois BiVanois HaAretz"? What do you think she was doing you Mevunal - going to the mall? Farkhert! She had a father, four mothers, and twelve brothers that she could have gone walking with. But no. She went walking alone, looking for trouble. And trouble found her. And after the incident was over, she cried "rape".

What wicked beasts these women are! The Toirah command us, "Lifbei Iver Loi Sitain Michshol", do not put a stumbling block before a blind man. If the Toirah is against one stumbling block.... Then Kal VeChoimer, the Toirah is going to be opposed to a temptress' breasts, which constitute two stumbling blocks. Especially the big ones.

According to Reb Steven, SHLITA,"What is also true, and completely dismissed today by the elites and the sophisticates who have fabricated an entire industry, is that men and women approach intimacy much differently. Men are creatures who seek physical gratification in the first instance and who, lamentably, could find intimacy with complete strangers and be satisfied. Women attach a much stronger emotional significance to intimacy than do men, and look at love as, well, love. Many men (none that I know, but I hear things…) don’t even need to be “in like” much less “in love.” They just need to be attracted."

In other words... Dinah was looking for it. She was asking for it. And she fell head over heels for Shechem and his unibrow. And then, when he rejected her... she cried rape.

Only in this case... Shechem fell in love with Dinah, and wanted to marry her. Hence the circumcision, followed by the subsequent brutal murders of Shechem the Bochur and the entire town. All because of Dinah.

Of course, not all of CHAZAL hold like Reb Steven SHLITA, but he is secure in his Toirah, just as he is secure in his ten year contract at Congregation Bnei Yeshurun and in his confidence that most of his rabbinic colleagues will remain as silent as Yankif Avinu was following the massacre of Shechem.

Dinah, and those like her, are "professional feminists". As Reb Steven SHLITA bravely teaches us, "...for the professional feminists, there never is a “gray” area. Men are always predators, women are always saints, and rabbis, always, deserve special calumny if they don’t toe a particular line." Reb Steven is leading us with his wisdom and his Mesiras Nefesh. "Typically, as they see it, for expressing views with which they disagree, I should be fired from the rabbinate, kicked out of any rabbinic organization to which I belong, tossed from any institution in which I am active, and, for Heaven’s sake, even thrown out of AAA (to which I just renewed my membership, and so will not go down without a fight)."

Yes, my Rebbe, Steven Pruzansky, SHLITA, is a brave leader of Klal Yisroel, leading us forward in an air of willing self sacrifice. He is standing up to the "professional feminists" and those that would change Toiras Moishe. He is standing up to the encroachment of women on religious ritual, transgender individuals, big government, higher taxes, and any stirrings of compromise in the Middle East. He is Yushka on the Cross, and is willing to die for our sins, or at least sell us a few of his books

Ashreinu Mah Tov Chelkeinu.

And what of Shechem the lad and Shechem the town, so brutally killed by Shimoin and Layvee because of Dinah's false cries of rape?

According to Reb Steven SHLITA, even though they were not guilty of rape, Shomoin and Layvee acted properly anyway. After all. Shechem and the Shechemites were Arabs, and according to Reb Steven SHLITA, they were probably guilty of something else anyway.

Ah Gutten Shabbos, You Minuval

Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein
Yeshivas Chipass Emmess

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